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This Is Your Moderator, Earthling

I apologize for a long absence and not really doing shit as a moderator. Take that and like it because to put it nicely my life is more fucked up than all your heads as one globular fungus in society and sometimes we just don't have time to moderate communities on the internet. Life can be demanding. But things are settling down so soon I will be redecorating our community with new icons and banners and crappity crap. Suggestions are welcome.

Bare with me as a lot has changed in community moderation since the last time I was really active in moderation. I don't know how to use all the new functions yet so you might endure a few ov those idiots making posts about their programmed inhibitions and the way they judge people they could never sink to the same level as. Try not to get too worked up over them people its just talk. I will look for a solution meanwhile.

For your amusement: this image is from a photo shoot with Hypnox and Ratspike a couple years ago. Obviously thats not my blood. Mostly stage blood and some animal intestines and the like.

I have some ideas for blood ritual that I'll probably discuss here with you at some point, and obviously post images ov. As for what you have all been up too I am impressed. Particularly with RISTAR's chaos star. The rest ov you, feel free to stop using silly cut tags in this community. As long as your files are not too big there's no reason to be making everyone click zounds ov little picture links.
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