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Contemplative hm hmm-ness

--Usually when I cut it's not very big or bad and I take very good care of it. Usually. Sometimes I do a "piece". A drawing in flesh. If anyone here has seen my frog then you know sort of what I mean. (if you haven't just tell meh and I can find you a link =^.^=)
Anywho... I sketched a snake today. Not as detail oriented as the frog but I plan for it to be much deeper and more "3D". Angled cuts, controlled healing, all that fun stuff. If it works out well I'll be sure to post pics.
I'm wondering... how many out here cut like I do? I cut to hurt myself, to punish myself, but I also cut to try to make a part of me beautiful. Even if for only a little while. But- yeah. How many of you out there have a specific reason for what you do? I really doubt everyone fits the cookie cutter explanations and... I'm curious. What does it feel like for you? Do you -plan- or is it just something that will happen? Do you feel guilt for giving in afterwards or pride in your "self control"? I hear people explain why I do what I do and what I'm trying to accomplish but if I don't really understand why should they, ne? *heh* Anywho... just a curiosity thing. =^_^=

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